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The Cub, having finally learned from Mr. Tumble how to blow a windmill round, is handed a penny whistle and fills the room with happy shrieks (from the whistle) and pained moans (from her parents). :-)

Been a busy day with her.
The Cub slept in very late, pushing us to the limit on getting to the shops AND preschool on time.

Dropped her at preschool, headed for gym (I'd dressed for it at 7am to make SURE I got there) and started warm-up on the bikes. And the school phoned 12 mins 45 seconds later to say the wee girl had just been SICK so please come and collect. NOW.
I should have guessed there was a problem; The Cub didn't want her sandwich OR her breadskicks. And that's a pretty unusual event.

I got her home and she tucked down on my lap straight away, eventually sleeping for most of the afternoon. I got a few minutes in, m'self, and felt all the better.

For the Cub, two hours kip, wrapped up warm, followed by blueberries, pineapple juice and a half-slice of bread and butter followed by tinned peaches out of a jar, left her ready to go again, even though she'd been running a temperature at half-past two this afternoon.
I was worried she was going to be hyper for the evening, but she asked for pyjamas and was only a slight monster while getting ready for bed, musical interludes included.


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